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  • Optima CASA Software helps you make a difference! We offer an exceptional CASA time management web based software tool to give you real time access to your CASA programs and volunteers for non-profit industries.
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CASA Software - Optima! Your leading, truly web based CASA Volunteer & Case Management Software!

Easy to Use CASA Software! Low Cost! Work from anywhere there's Internet! High Level of Customer Service! No Hidden Fees or Upgrade Releases, ever!

Designed by CASA Experts, for CASA Professionals! We Know CASA!

Manage your CASA program much smarter, with more time to help those who need you the most!

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Optima tracks and reports VOCA data for funding!Let us show you how!

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New! Optima CASA Software Feature

Optima Go, a new feature for CASA program subscribers of Optima CASA software, serving CASA programs across the United States.

New and included with your subscription to Optima! Our latest on-the-go feature, appropriately called Optimago! Optima goes where you are. It's a mobile tool that comes free with your subscription to the best CASA software, Optima.

  • Distributed input so you can add information into the case in real time!
  • Volunteers add quick notes and contact logs while on the go. Notes are added to Optima immediately so they can be viewed by supervisors! No waiting!
  • Supervisors will no longer need to re-enter reports from volunteers, saving programs precious time!
  • Quickly and securely access hearing details and documents.
  • See the week at-a-glance, events, your schedule and more!

There's no additional cost to use this exciting new CASA tool for your program from Optima. Yay!

Optima Gives Real Benefits to make your CASA Program a success!

Optima casa software is unbelievably easy to use!

Our customers cannot believe the ease and benefits of Optima. We make your CASA life a piece of cake. The icing is having more time to make a real difference! It's what you wanted all along.

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secure! secure!
completely secure!

Our own US-based servers are securely, secretly tucked away behind thick cement walls, all with a 24/7 guard monitoring system. We've added extra security by bonusing you with your very own secure URL!

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Lower Your CASA Software Expenses!

Get a better ROI! You'll have no hardware to install, no costly upgrade releases that result in spending even more money on additional software upgrades and new computer costs.

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Access Information FAST 24/7!!

Need a report now? Need case access now? Need volunteer information now? One click gives you accurate information & reporting 24/7. Real time updates on everything you need, you got it -- now!

Why wait? We know what you want and need right now!
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Exceptional Customer Service

Our customers are shocked at Optima's ease of use and simply call just to say "Hi!" If you should ever need us, we are here for you. Our owners actually answer the phone. Yes, I know, amazing right?

We like our customers! Call us, OK?
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We know and live CASA!

We have the technical expertise and we know CASA! In fact, we know more about running a CASA program than any competitor because we've done it!

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Why is everyone making the change to Optima CASA Software? Read our reviews...

"Optima has provided a tipping point in our program accountability and our support of our volunteers. Many Thanks. We are Optima FANS!"

Executive Director - State of Texas

"I can’t begin to tell you how easy this transition has been… This has really been an “Optima(l)” experience. The way you guys have handled the data management/clean-up/conversion – has been amazing. Rob is great as a trainer as he has the experience and credibility and understands what we deal with."

Director of Operations - Statewide Program

"We are very satisfied with Optima as our choice in data and case management. Both staff and volunteers appreciate the accessibility of case information and the increased information that we now capture. I am very happy with the reports that I use for grantors, donors, and other reporting. I recommend this program for any CASA program in need of a new data management system."

CASA Executive Director - State of Indiana

"I literally have not opened my file cabinet since I began using OPTIMA back in November! I am easily able to browse through each of my cases for organized information and updates on my laptop or IPAD, from wherever I happen to be. It makes my job as a peer coordinator for five CASA volunteers so much easier!"

CASA Peer Coordinator - State of Oregon

"Optima is a real time saver because it cuts down on staff duplication of efforts. I can take notes from court while I’m in court. I can look up something that someone asks me for without having to go to the filing cabinet and pulling the file."

CASA Advocate Manager - State of Colorado

"It is so great to work with people who actually understand CASA. Not just say they know, but can actually answer real questions from real programs. It is clear working with Optima that you all just get it!"

CASA Advocate Supervisor - State of New Jersey

"I didn't believe you when you said that our volunteers would love this. I thought my older volunteers would all leave the program! The first hour after training they had already gone in and cleaned up so much data that would have taken me days to do! Better still, when I ran the Optima National CASA reports, I think they were the most accurate they have ever been!"

CASA Director - State of Arkansas

“I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Optima. It is making my life a lot easier. And I think it will be able to really track my time better.

CASA Volunteer - State of South Dakota

"We all know that change is difficult, however converting to Optima has been one of the best decisions we have made for our program. It is very user friendly and my staff continues to be more and more comfortable with all that it has to offer. The customer service has been EXCELLENT! Whenever we have asked questions, their prompt response has been great."

CASA Executive Director - State of Indiana

"I hope all of you take some pride in knowing that what you do has helped – and will continue to help – amazing people do amazing things for hurt children. Thank you for all the heart you’ve poured into Optima."

CASA Program Director- State of Texas

"Seriously, this is just simple. I don't think you could make this any easier."

CASA Supervisor - New Jersey

"I am a “one-man” staff and I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways that Optima has made my life easier! First and foremost, it is assurance that should anything happen to the courthouse and our physical files were destroyed, we have an updated list of cases to reference via the Internet from any location. But more than that, it has helped my ability to run our program on my own more successfully and efficiently."

CASA Executive Director - State of Indiana

"I cannot thank you enough for all the time and attention you spent with me. I was very concerned about going web-based and paperless and even before training was over I was excited about the possibilities that Optima brings."

CASA Director - State of Massachusetts

"While recuperating at home following an accident, I took advantage of Optima’s flexible platform. Using my tablet, keeping up with court reports, contact logs and numerous documents, was easy and convenient. I could log in at any time and stay in touch with our volunteers. I cannot imagine what our program would do without Optima."

CASA Director - Central Indiana

"Recruiting used to require multiple spreadsheets and multiple meeting to stay up to date. Optima has cut our paperwork and our paper processing time to nothing which allows us to focus on getting new volunteers. Thanks!"

CASA Recruiter - State of New Jersey

"Optima allowed our CASA program to bring our volunteers even closer to the children they serve, by giving them access to the case database. Our volunteers have told us they feel much more a part of the “team” and it has made our Case Supervisor’s job easier since volunteers can go in and update information as they receive it. We are very happy with our choice!"

CASA Volunteer Coordinator - State of Missouri

"Optima has revamped how our program tracks our volunteer efforts and activities in real time. This allows for better reporting to the community and our grantors."

CASA Executive Director - State of Colorado

"Thank you so much for making the entire data conversion process easy and manageable. You have been a joy to work with and we look forward to working with you more!"

CASA Executive Director - State of New Jersey

"To the developers of Optima I say thank you. Optima is extremely user friendly and the tech support is exceptional. I am delighted that Optima is customizable to meet the needs of my program."

CASA Program coordinator - State of New York

"Every time I think Optima just can't get any better, you go and surprise me with a new feature, or report or measurement! I can't believe that you do all this work and we all reap the benefits! Thank you so much!"

Executive Director - State of New Mexico

"We had thought about webinar training but I am really glad we did in-person! The training was fun, tailored to us, and met all our needs. I can't believe how patient you are with us, and made a whole day of training just fly by! Best of all, we feel ready to bring Optima to our volunteers and get running!"

Executive Director - State of New Jersey

"I was very hesitant at first to call about a question based on our former system's customer service record. Not only did you answer my question, but you checked on how things were going overall, and had me laughing! It didn't feel like customer service, it was like chatting with friends."

Advocate Coordinator - State of Arkansas